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815 North Huron St, Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Sun – Sat : 9:00AM – 9:00PM

Who we are

Planet Jane started back in 2021 with a focus on improving our community through the goodness of cannabis. Located in Ypsilanti, we provide high quality cannabis products that can be administered using a number of methods. Our excellent knowledge and customer service sets us apart from being “Yet Another Dispensary”. Planet Jane is committed to giving back to the Ypsilanti community it serves, operating safely and transparently, and hiring inclusively and diversely.

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Customer Service

What Our Community Said

We’re honored to be able to offer high quality cannabis products to our loyal customer base. 

  • At first I thought this would be “Yet Another Dispensary”, but these guys really know their stuff. 

    Hunter Bronson
  • Numerous amounts of products at an incredible price! I appreciate you, Planet Jane.

    Henderson Roman
  • Planet Jane bud tenders are the best. The knowledge of marijuana strains and products was second to none! No doubt, the best I have ever encountered.

    Brendan Kantorin
  • Unbelievable quality of products! I’ll definitely be coming back!

    Jackson Wiles